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    Add Date:2018-11-08
    Agrifan is a most invovative environmental company. Agrifan is thrilled to announce our next generation 54’’ exhaust fiberglass fan series. A recognized industry expert in ventilation states that important criteria...
    Three important indexes of modern agriculture and stockbreeding fan
    Add Date:2018-11-05
    Agricultural Ventilation Fans, Performance and EfficienciesEach test included here is for a "fully dressed" fan with shutters and screens attached and mounted as normally installed.一、Fan Selection CriteriaSelect Fans...
    Agricultural Ventilation Fans, Performance and Efficiencies
    Add Date:2017-12-09
    There 5 elements have effect on raising livestock to achieve the best production performance, as following:1 ) Maintain good health level and comfortable environment2 ) Adequate feed and good quality feed3 ) Good water...
    Necessity of ventilation in livestock and poultry houses
    Add Date:2017-12-09
    Outdoor fresh air enters the poultry house through cooling pad or air inlet, and the hot gas exhaust gas in the poultry house will be extracted by exhaust fans, thereby realizing the exchange of the internal air and the ...
    Ventilation popular for livestock houses
    Add Date:2017-12-09
    1 ) There should not be placed the cooling pad around the radioactive substances, corrosive substances and odor, peculiar smell of goods, in order to ensure that the outgoing air is fresh and clean.2 ) After one year of ...
    Maintenance of the cooling pad
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